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Leanne dove into Real Estate head first just as the market was reaching its peak……she held on tight for the ride down to the bottom of today’s market and during those years she has worked daily to assist her clients in making the best financial choices possible to enable quick recovery and get back into participation in the tried and true American Dream! She has helped over 300 families either purchase their dream home, sell their family home, decide whether to request a short sale from their bank, or work toward a modification of their loan. With those decisions behind her clients, as a free ongoing service, she will guide them through to their next chapter, whether it’s financial recovery, or financial stability investments. Along with home buyers and sellers, she has work side by side with many seasoned investors and rookie investors keeping them apprised of the market, locating deals for them and determining value allowing the investor to focus on financing and rehab end of the investment. 

A note to the buyers in the Inland Empire:

In order to successfully purchase a home in this market, you need a full time seasoned agent working beside you that understands the offer writing process and what it takes to get an offer accepted. Competing against so many other buyers for a home can be a very disheartening experience. Knowing the ins and outs of the process and having viable working relationships with many local listing offices has benefited Leanne’s buyers in successfully closing escrow on the home of their dreams while taking advantage of this exciting market.

A note to homeowners in the Inland Empire:

Of course many homeowners are still wondering if they are underwater with their mortgage. We still are looking at staggering numbers that may keep many from selling their homes at this point, however short sales are always a possibility and there are certainly circumstances that can qualify a seller for a short sale. It does not always mean that you can no longer afford your payment. Many individuals may also be right on the edge of value vs. dollars owed; with the current market we’ve seen an uptick in values. It may be just the perfect time to sell and move onto your next without the need of the short sale and therefore no hit on your credit. Don’t forget to talk with Leanne and her team about the extreme homeowner program that allows you to stay in your home after a short sale…….and then buy the home back at much less than you originally owed. It’s a highly sought after program that essentially acts as the principle reduction those lenders won’t do.

Keep in touch with Leanne and her team and she will in turn keep you on track for your next move!

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